Trade question?

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25-02-2007 17:01:30

Here is how the trade is set up and confirmed by both traders in the trade module Trader A paying $50 paypal on 2/25 for Trader B to green on Trader A's site.
Now I wouldn't be jumping the gun except that Trader A responded to an earlier PM requesting payment and said it would be sent several hours ago and now I have sent two additional PM's and have not had any response. What do I do if Trader A does not pay by the end of today, since the trade did specify it would be paid today and I did green within an hour last night?
Any advice/help is appreciated. Thanks!!


25-02-2007 17:07:35

If they said they will pay tonight, I'd say wait for them to pay. If their TR and feedback comments are good, then you don't need to worry about being scammed. I would say wait until at least tomorrow, as not everyone is able to be on this site all the time.


25-02-2007 17:20:35

yep. then if not pm a mod and take it from there


25-02-2007 17:23:43

[quoted703699fe0="condra"]yep. then if not pm a mod and take it from there[/quoted703699fe0]

I think he needs to give him at least a day or so. Then PM a mod. Shit happens sometimes. . . As long as he isn't reading all the PM's you are sending.

If he is reading them and not responding then you may PM a mod.


25-02-2007 18:23:50

Check in your outbox to see if he has read the PMs you sent - maybe his computer went down or something. I always like to give people the benefit of the doubt until they prove me wrong.......

If he has read the PMs (they would then be in your sentbox), I would give him another hour or so, then PM a mod about it.



25-02-2007 19:47:29

I am new and he had no TR either, but I read a couple of his posts and a couple people had posted he had paid them but they were new too. So he said he would pay today and I set it up in the trade module to read that way so I thought I would be safe. I waited for him to confirm the trade before I completed the site. I greened instantly. I sent him a PM this morning around 900 am when I saw him online and he responded he would be out for about an hour and then come back on and pay right away. I saw him back on a couple hours later, waited for about another hour and pm'd again asking about payment. He read the PM and shortly after left the forum and has not responded. That is why I am worried. I appreciate all your comments and will wait until tomorrow before contacting a mod.


26-02-2007 06:11:45

This is a great example of why two people with less than 4TR should not trade with each other. I know a lot of the new people think they are being discriminated against, but that is not the case. It is for everyone's protection. Not that you can't be scammed by a 100+ trader, but it is much less likely.

PM a moderator with the details and see what they can do.