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24-02-2007 20:08:19

I have seached the help forum and can't find what I'm looking for, so guess I just have to put my ignorance right out there and frankly ask for help! How do you use the ImageShack? I'm trying to get a nice scanned image of my win posted but can't get anything better than a blurry thumbnail. I don't know which line of code to choose to drag into my post window. I tried the direct link also, but that just gives me a link for people to click on. I would like to know how to get a nice sized image directly into my post window. Help!


24-02-2007 20:09:57

Not sure about image shack, but I use It's very simple, you might want to give it a shot.


24-02-2007 20:10:37

When you have the image uploaded to Imageshack, right click on the picture and select "Copy Image Location". Then, you should be able to use the image tags here, either using HTML, or the PHP tags.

I used your avatar as the example.


24-02-2007 20:15:16

yep, that is what I did and all I got was the little blurry thumbnail instead of the 3x4 it should have been. I tried the html and the direct link. Can't figure out what I'm doing wrong. I need slowly explained steps as I'm feeling particularly dense.


24-02-2007 20:17:31

Did you copy the image location for the thumbnail, or did you open the thumbnail up into the actual picture and copy that location? Because if you copied the location of the full sized image, it should display that and not the thumbnail.


24-02-2007 20:21:02

AHA! that's the secret. Nope, I was doing the thumbnail not the full image. Thank you very, very much.


24-02-2007 20:22:40

No problem. Glad I could help you figure it all out.