Unfair charge

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24-02-2007 18:56:05


My credit card was charged $39.95 by this company this morning. I checked my statement and found no match. I hate being ripped off like this. Frankly, this charge is unacceptable if not illegal. I haven't been on this site for a long time. During my absence, I could not, obviously, have gone into any kind of transaction costing me a $40.00 deficit. Paseka.


24-02-2007 19:00:55

( sorry for you, but can't you call your credit company and tell them you didn't authorise that specific transaction?


24-02-2007 19:26:20

That what happened to me when I started. The grant assistant charge me $39.99, but I was aware and just forgot to cancel it. You have to be careful and document everthing, because you could be doing so many offers, you want know where some of those transactions take place.


24-02-2007 19:29:48

Yulecs.com also charges you 39.99 after 2 days. They say it's a 7 day trial, but buried deep in the fine print it says you get charged. This is the detective sherlock site, which I couldn't even get the stupid site to work.