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24-02-2007 09:59:56

I am new. I have attempted a number of trades. Only a couple worked. I am being charged on my credit card, I receive the offer but I am not being credited for the trade. I delete cookies, restart my puter, and still most of the time nothing. I have spent a couple hundred dollers and anly made about $25.00. What am I doing wrong????HELP breid


24-02-2007 10:03:57

ok, you have to tell us what site you're doing stuff at.

Are you trading on here? or doing offers?

Please elaborate, and we'll all help you.


24-02-2007 10:23:48

I have been using the trading post. I have clicked on at least 15 links and completed offers. I get the stuff but the people I am doing it for are not receving anything saying so. I have one trade that went green but the person I did it for says they didn't receive anything!! breid


24-02-2007 11:39:27

Whether or not you get "the stuff" doesn't have much to do with if you are "green". You have to go to the website and verify that the offer was credited.

If your account on the website is showing that it is credited, and it was the complete credit needed (not a 1/2 credit on a 1 credit site), then you should ask the other trader for clarification. If they still claim it's not green, you should open a support ticket on the site to verify you are signed up as the correct person's referral.

Feel free to post again or PM me if this does not answer your question fully.



24-02-2007 19:34:11

Make sure you are clearing your browser cookies before you begin, and let every page load to the fullest.

Also be sure and look at how long its supposed to take to credit. Some offers are instant, but a lot take days or even weeks to credit to your account.