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24-02-2007 08:55:47

any help would be appreciated, how do I set up my link in the trading forum from my ifw if I'm paying for referrals ?


24-02-2007 09:00:38

Have you read all of the rules and tips in these threads?


If you still have questions after reading those threads, let us know and we'll be happy to help.

unknown uchiha

24-02-2007 09:33:04

Jeanne, you requested a number of trades from me. I set them up but you never even bothered to respond so I deleted the trades. Are you still interested in trading?


24-02-2007 19:49:39

unknown get rid of the avatar I see it in my dreams (Fred)


24-02-2007 19:54:53

[quote96a758b648="gator1002"]unknown get rid of the avatar I see it in my dreams (Fred)[/quote96a758b648]

lol omg that was funny. really, you started dreaming about this?

i'll remember to give u + karma