closed-Disappearing trade

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24-02-2007 06:38:18

I initiated a trade with someone and saw that they went yellow. The trade was in the Trade Module but now it's gone? Any explanation?



24-02-2007 07:11:26

Maybe you have it hidden?

Click "Show Hidden Trades" and see if you could find it.


24-02-2007 08:05:46

How long ago was it? If it was longer than 2 weeks ago it may have been lost in the server switch.


26-02-2007 21:18:12

Same thing happened to me. Earlier tonight, I had all 5 trades I've been keeping an eye on in the TM, then just now, there are only 4 of them listed. One's missing and it's not in "hidden trades" either. It was a confirmed trade which was in "gone yellow" status. I couldn't remember the person I was trading with, so I went back to my PM's to try to find the ones we sent to each other before setting up the trade, but I couldn't find them in the PMs's like this person just disappeared! Has this happened to anyone else? Very strange...any input would be appreciated.


27-02-2007 04:07:40

I found out that the unconfirmed trade that disappeared was deleted after he changed his mind about doing the trade.