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23-02-2007 11:44:17

Hi all,

I went to check a green that I am doing for somebody and when I clicked on the referral link in the trade it goes directly to a screen telling me

This Account Has Been Suspended
Please contact the billing/support department as soon as possible.

What does this mean to me.... I've completed 1/2 offer but waiting on the other 1/2


23-02-2007 11:49:24

maybe the person that reffered you is on hold? if you followed his/her link?
then you should contact them and see what happened


23-02-2007 12:01:39

yes.... I've PM'd this person and it is thier ref link . Why would it state to contact the billing/support dept ASAP? How can I contact them if I can't get into the site?

The other person has a great trade record and I'm not worried about anything yet...... I just was curious what this could mean?


23-02-2007 12:02:57

no idea then, wait for their reply... )


23-02-2007 12:09:10

ok, thanks! karma your way!


23-02-2007 12:13:45

[quote713d846025="krayf"]ok, thanks! karma your way![/quote713d846025]

hihi what goes around comes around i guess, karma to u too D


23-02-2007 12:39:42

I'm going to assume the site you're talking about is one of the CustomOrderThis sites??? The entire CustomOrderThis network is down. The problem is NOT your account, it is the COT account with the hosting company.

COT says they are addressing the issue, and should have the network back up this weekend.



23-02-2007 13:29:31

yes it is a customorderthis site...... thanks you so much for the heads up!