Uh that didn't answer my question

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23-02-2007 09:49:48

Maybe I missed something but my post about cancelling offers after receiving credit and how it affects the person you green'd for was not helpful. The link did not provide an answer.



23-02-2007 10:03:06

hehe, you broke two rules

[quote574d4a376f]7) Do not post topics asking why another topic was locked. Do not PM moderators/admins about a post lock/edit, avatar change, or any other action and point out or quote these rules. [b574d4a376f]You may POLITELY ask why your thread/sig/avatar was closed/changed, VIA PM, ONCE.[/b574d4a376f] You are not to argue with moderators/admins about their decisions. Especially frowned upon is quoting these rules and asking which one you violated, or otherwise having an attitude.

8 ) [b574d4a376f]Please respect the offer companies. Do not post specific cancellation information (eg. phone numbers), or post asking for them. [/b574d4a376f][/quote574d4a376f]

Basically there is no talk of cancellation here.


23-02-2007 17:17:29

Like I said it someone else's thread. It is against the rules to talk about that like kidd said. This is why no one was helpful and why your thread was locked. To answer your question, you may go on hold or have credits revoked. I remember a certain case when the owner asked for the money back when someone did this. Do not try to cheat these sites if you intend to make money. IT WILL BACKFIRE.