What is this?

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22-02-2007 17:14:56

Explain this to me PLZ.I get emailed about new PM when I click on link I get this ..what is this I haven't done anything yet is someone messin with me or what..should I be The FreeiPodGuide Forums
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Critical Information

This poor little puppy got banned, too. Now he's behind bars for life because he made some rather poor decisions. Don't let it happen to you!

P.S. You're banned!.

e worried?


23-02-2007 05:46:35

No idea ?????? My suggestion would be not to use the link in the email but to type the URL in your address box instead.

Anyone else have ideas?????



23-02-2007 17:19:38

You got banned? Did you make a new user account? You either were banned for doing something and came back just now, or your IP is banned because of a former banned member had the same ip.