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22-02-2007 13:05:12

OK - I'm kind of new at this and have done several greens for people and am building my TR. When I get a TR of at least 10 and more $ in my paypal acct, I plan on trying to get $ off the sites and paying for greens. My question is how long does it usually take to get the referrals you need -I know that depends on how many you need, etc., but I'd just like to have an idea. Thanks!


22-02-2007 13:14:34

It is all subjective to the site and the amount you pay per referral, but for an average site and paying the average amount per referral, you can probably get the required greens within a week or two. This all depends, of course, on the site in question, how much you are paying per green, what offers the people you refer do, etc ... but I think 2 weeks is not at all unreasonable to at least get the greens you need in order to submit for approval.


22-02-2007 13:36:16

Some of the sites offer $100 for 3 refs and $200 for 5 refs. I am going to start paying refs soon, and it seems like a good idea to start out on the low side. It would give me a chance to get my feet wet on a small scale before I try for 10+ refs.

I also had a couple of questions. Are people going to be willing to go green for me with a TR of 2-4. Or do I really need to wait until I get it a little higher. I like the idea of paying people to go green for me much better, cause I really am not interested in so many of the offers. If my TR is below 4, can I ask for only people with a TR of 4 or more?

Also, how do determine how much to charge. People are paying $10-25 dollars for many of the same sites. Some tips would be appreciated.



22-02-2007 13:42:15

People will go green for you with a low TR, although you may find that you'll have to pay half before they start and the other half when they green, and you'll almost certainly have to pay at least on green. Just remember that at least 1 person has to have a TR of 4+ for you both to get credit for the trade.

As to how much to charge, it's really up to you. One guideline is to base it off of how much you will get 'paid' per ref. In the case of $100 for 3 refs, you are getting $33.33 per ref, so you'll want to pay less than that, obviously. It also depends on the offers offered, how much they cost, how many are needed, etc.

When it all comes down to it, though, it should be based on what you think you should pay to get people to help you and also to maximize your money.