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22-02-2007 12:09:21

Hi, I really hope this is a real way to make a few bucks. Very hungry here.
I registered 2 days ago. I have not done anything else. I do not want to break any rules, so I am taking it slow. I am having trouble really understanding what to do first.
I am only interested in selling green at first, without any out of pocket money. Money that I do not have cry

Do I need to anything else before I contact someone who is buying greens?

does this web page keep tract of the offers I complete or do I do that whatever way I can? It seems like it could be easy to repeat offers if I do alot of them. any tips on how not to repeat?

I want to be able to work from Home and that a problem?


22-02-2007 12:20:12

ok, let me see D

1) You will need in most cases a credit card, better get a prepaid one soon --- a lot of offers require it as they are free trials or 1-2$ trials.
2) FIPG does not keep track of them, but in the trades section you have the trades you did or ure doing so at least you know for which sites you registered and for whom
3) tips Buy yourself a very large student notebook, then label it freebies and record EVERYthing you do. EVerithing offers, sites who reffered you, maybe the refs you"ve got, etc.
4) well, depedns...if you register for a site from home, you can only complete the offers from home. and same thing for work, althou i am not sure what kind of network you have there...i suggest home
5) once you start to reffer ppl on your own, you'll be able to manage trades from both places, as long as you don't do offers D

hope this helps....
can i have karma? D


22-02-2007 12:40:57

Thanks for the help.
I may have already screwed up.
I registered from my work PC.
I think I should have done it from Home.
I have a job where I have about an hour each day where I could trade.
I do not know if my job's network will allow it.
I have more time to trade while at home. What do I need to do to correct this, and to be able to work from home?


22-02-2007 12:43:50

In the future, when registering for freebie sites, just do it from home. As to the ones that you registered at work, just complete the requirements, then get the rest through referrals. I don't think there is anything else you can do, although you can always submit a support ticket to the sites you've signed up for at work.