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22-02-2007 08:16:39

I read on here somewhere to get a Simon Giftcard which I did but none of the offers will accept the card. Does anyone know why?



22-02-2007 08:33:11

Some offers will, do you have the actual card or the Gift Account (online)


22-02-2007 08:46:49

Did you use the exact same info as the card? name, address, etc?


22-02-2007 09:09:25

having run a website with a shopping cart in the past, I know some of the problem is the security level the website is set at (which causes problems with many gift cards). If the security is set high enough, they will try to match the billing address of the "credit card" with the address you are giving them, and many gift cards (even those with a VISA or MasterCard logo) do not list your personal address as the billing address.

This would be a good question to ask of the gift card company - they may be able to set it up this way, or they may not.