Ok I have a Question about Gamingcustomorderthis

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22-02-2007 00:17:47

I recently went green at gamingcustomorderthis.com

I have no Idea why, but they suspended my account?

The funny thing is that I usually go to that website from my bookmarks tab on my browser. But when I went to google and looked up gamingcustomorderthis and clicked the link to the website the same strange message that said "This account has been suspended" popped up. Can anyone help me figure out why they haven't e-mailed me or anything.

Well for sure I must have broken the contract or something for them to shut my account off, but how do I know why I did to make them mad. And can any of the freebie websites do this "account suspended" whenever they want?



22-02-2007 00:20:51

It isn't your account that is suspended. The host has suspended the website owner's account. Everybody is getting that page.


22-02-2007 00:26:43

So what happens now?


22-02-2007 00:30:37

Your guess is as good as mine. Just check back later and hopefully the site will be back up.


22-02-2007 00:31:03

You have to wait until it comes back up.


22-02-2007 00:33:11

thanks all