Activated trade but do not like the offers

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21-02-2007 08:18:58

What do you do if you activated a trade but then learned you did not like the offers? I did this with Primodinero and it seems to do the "inexpensive" offers you would only get 1/4 or less credit so you end up having to do 4 or more offers for the same amount of money to usually do one or two offers at a diff. site. I am afraid to "request deletion" of the trade because I am a newbie and need good feedback.


21-02-2007 08:23:56

You should always ask what offers are available before agreeing to do it.


21-02-2007 09:36:21

I understand where you are coming from, however, you should also understand that PrimoDinero and the v-bux sites require a little more to sign up, but have a MUCH higher pay out per referral, and thus, are worth the extra effort. This is also why people offer to pay more for them.

But when you are trading green for green, you should make sure the sites are comperable before agreeing.



21-02-2007 09:46:51

Thank you for your response...lesson learned!!


21-02-2007 09:50:07

PM the person you are trading with and work it out with them.


21-02-2007 10:08:18

Yes, you should always do your due diligence and research offers and requirements up front, before initiating a trade.

However, if neither party to the trade has completed an offer or paid any money, then let the other person know you'd like to cancel the trade and it shouldn't be a problem as long as it doesn't happen repeatedly.


21-02-2007 11:23:52

You can also ask the other trader if they have another site you could do for them instead. I have had to do that myself and we worked it out. Also before you do a trade for someone go to the site and read all about it first, I usually tell someone let me go look first and I will get back to you. If I like it I tell them to set it up.