What does paying on approval mean?

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21-02-2007 07:50:00

I know paying on green means they pay me after I sign up at a site,complete an offer, and receive credit. What does paying on approval mean? Does it mean they will pay me when all their requirements are met for they current freebie item? How long does that usually take? I would appreciate any help. Thanks


21-02-2007 07:54:58

Approval is when they get all the referrals that are needed to get the item, and then the site owner checks all the referrals to see if any have done the offer before, or signed up multiple times. So you get paid when your account is verified that you did everything correctly.


21-02-2007 11:31:59

it can take anywhere from a few days to several weeks...depends how close to finishing they are and if there are any problems, such as no credit requests or someone going on hold. A good trader will keep you updated on their progress, so you should have an idea of when to expect payment. communication is the key!