Please HELP me

Live forum:


20-02-2007 21:32:04

I need referrals for my giftmonkey account. Even existing members can be my referral. Please, I need money for books and school starts tomorrow. PLEASE PLEASE! If I don't pay for it my dad is going to force me to take nursing and he won't let me work TT-TT <crying



20-02-2007 21:50:39

Not the rigth place. Go to the trading post.

And take the ref link out or you will be banned.

unknown uchiha

20-02-2007 23:31:04

You aren't allowed to have referral links in public places. They belong only in the Trade Module and, rarely, in PMs.


21-02-2007 00:24:22

Please read the rules of the forum

You will be banned if you break any other rules...