Offers completed...other trader gone!

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20-02-2007 13:20:14

Hi, I read the posts on dealing with a trader who appear to have vanished.
I completed several credits for him and let him know I went green and he hasn't read my messages or communicated with me for 2 weeks. I have kept in touch at least once every 7 days...he has a good trade record, so I doubt he's trying to cheat me, but what do I do now? I did the offers, now I would really like to get paid....please help!
Thank you!


20-02-2007 13:46:18

I would suggest contacting a mod. If you have done your part of the deal, and it has been 2 weeks with communication on your part at least once every 7 days, then they will try to help you out as best they can.

Hopefully it all works out for you.