How do I deal with this?!?!

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20-02-2007 08:09:09

Setup a trade with someone and they said they signed up and completed a couple of offers on a site. I told them that I didn't see a new email sign up underneath me yet. I asked if they used the link I gave in the trader forum (I checked that I inputted right with the referral code) and they said yes. They gave me their signup email and still nothing of the sort on my side.

What should I do? Support ticket to Free4Me? What if they claim that I'm frauding them? I don't think I should pay if it doesn't show up on my end.


20-02-2007 08:12:44

no, but you should check with the free4me...cause sometimes it happends, never heard on free4me network, but who knows...


20-02-2007 08:20:22

Has happened to me a couple of times on different sites. Most of the times, it has been traced to an error on the part of the person signing up, but I did have one person who just showed up under someone else and no one seems to be able to figure out why.

Open a support ticket on the site, tell them "My friend signed up using the email= email=xxxxx@xx.xxxxxxx@xx.xx email=xxxxx@xx.xxxxxxx@xx.xx/email but isn't showing up on my site. " and they should be able to track it.

And, no, as long as you can prove they aren't on your account, you should not have to pay them.



20-02-2007 08:27:59

Thank you very much ladies. I have opened a support ticket and followed up with the person.


20-02-2007 09:09:37


And, no, as long as you can prove they aren't on your account, you should not have to pay them.


I completly agree as long as the error was not on your part. Which in this case it was not. So you should not have to pay them.


21-02-2007 06:23:09

I have had this same thing with newbies going to the site and looking then comming back at a later time to sign up then they are signrd up with no referal. one site Im working on will not move them. (Fred)