"Who goes first" question

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20-02-2007 06:52:11

I understand that the person with the higher TR goes first. That is perfectly logical. I just don't understand what all "going first" involves.

Let's say that I want to start buying refs. Since my TR is under 4, I want to only trade with those who have a TR of 4 or more. So they go first.

Does that mean that I would pay them when they go green, instead of waiting till I am approved?

Or does that mean that I should pay them BEFORE they even start an offer? Like when first confirm the trade.

Thanks for your help! I want to do this right!


20-02-2007 06:58:48

If they have higher TR than you then yes, you should pay them before they sign up, that is how it normally works.


20-02-2007 07:23:34

nut you might negociate to payafter yellow or smting...depends on the TR!


20-02-2007 08:16:39

You could also consider trading green for green. You would be expected to green first, then they would, although some will get started after you go yellow, if you seem to be trustworty. Plus, the other benefit is it doesn't cost you as much.


PS If you do want to trade green for green, PM me.


20-02-2007 09:19:49

[quote0af93aec6d="condra"]nut you might negociate to payafter yellow or smting...depends on the TR![/quote0af93aec6d]

This sounds a little more like I was thinking, at least the after yellowing part.

What is smting?


20-02-2007 10:18:08

smthing = something


20-02-2007 10:31:54

[quoteb52722e3a4="moviemadnessman"]smthing = something[/quoteb52722e3a4]

oops Now that was a "duh" moment ... oops


20-02-2007 11:26:28

) but be careful, as ppl that have 8 TR still might scam you if you pay them up front, so i would say pay 30+ on yellow, others on green


20-02-2007 11:41:25

Also remember that "lower TR goes first" is only a guideline - you and your trading partner are free to decide between the two of you who will go first, as long as you agree. I would recommend spelling it all out in the Trade Module.