How long do I wait for someone to pm me to finish a trade?

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20-02-2007 06:03:54

My question is this I have an open trade, it is a green for a green,the person on the other end has not gone green,but......neither have I.I did an offer for great fun and it shows it as pending 2/5/07.Now I called great fun becuase I could not find a confirm. e-mail.Turns out they do not show me as a member. Now I am willing,more than willing to go back and try again so I can go green for her but she has not gone green for me and has not returned my pm's for 4 days. I need her ref because it is one of the two last ones I need.What should I do?


20-02-2007 08:13:20

Did you specify a time limit on your details in the Trade Module? If you are in a hurry for a trade, it is best to be very specific. Otherwise, you can not delete a trade unless 14 days have gone by without contact and you have attempted contact at least twice (once in the first 7 and once in the second 7).

Do you have a higher TR or does she?? If yours is higher, you can wait for her to green. If hers is higher, you are expected to go first, unless you made other arrangements first (which should be spelled out in the trade details as well).

If you don't hear from her, you can get a new ref, but be aware that if she greens within the 14 days, you still owe her a green.