What is a guest? Do I have to serve them coffee or anything

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20-02-2007 05:28:58

I see guest being online and I was wondering who they are.Are they invited or are they partycrashers?Do I have to serve them coffee or what?And I don't like that option of being hidden,I can't help but think that the person I am trying to get to finish their end of the deal is sneaking around spying on me.You know the world does revolve around me!!!


20-02-2007 05:47:06

lol You are hiliarious. I have something in the works on our site and hope to have news very soon!!


21-02-2007 06:28:32

that was funny. Are you being sneeky Harly? lol L can assure you she is on the level


21-02-2007 06:34:40

No, I was serious and really though tspa was funny!!! I know we are good on our trade. Thanks for the compliment!


21-02-2007 06:42:55

I really want to know what a guest is.I want new members not guest!!What can they see?They are no good to me if they can't trade!How many times do I have to say IT IS ALL ABOUT ME! ME ME ME!


21-02-2007 07:12:09

A guest is somone who hasent joined our little group yet and is just looking around. If your not carful Ill have to sign on as a guest and keep a close eye on you lol (Fred) P.S. I drink Folgers


22-02-2007 18:28:52

I stumbled in here and saw the word serve and coffee, lol I would like Maxwell house please or a nice hot cup of white chocolate caramel cappicinno (not sure on the spelling lol) for these looooongggg nights I am online!

BTW I could use some ref's if you are willing to wait for approval? See my profile for sites I am working on. I will also trade ref for ref?

Now lead the way to the coffee pot.