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19-02-2007 19:37:10

ok, so i searched but just couldn't find this

is the area in the signature predetermined? i cannot make it smaller or something? because i just switched from having a big banner to a small one and it looks weird.

also, when I click on the FAQ, it directs me to the trading rules, and i get just a very quick glimpse of all the links TSJ actually posted in a this how it is supposed to be?

thanks for any answers )


19-02-2007 19:42:23

How exactly does it look weird? I think the area resizes to fit all the text/images automatically.


19-02-2007 19:43:08

ok, for example in my above post it does, but before it didn't

ok, weird....

edit ha, look at it now, its bigger right? i guess when someone posts after u it gets smaller?