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19-02-2007 00:54:16

Ok, so I've read a lot about this so far... the one thing I want to know is, if I do a site as a referal for someone else, can I still do that site for myself and get other people as my referals?

Ex.-- If someone is looking for one more person to complete an offer from 123StuffForFree, and they're getting a Nintendo Wii and I do this for them, can I then sign up at 123StuffForFree and get 7-10 referals under myself and get a Nintendo Wii?

Any help is appreciated, thanks!!! D


19-02-2007 00:55:48

Yes. When you sign up under someone, you have created an account on the site. By going green for them, you have really completed your initiation offer, and you are now free to complete that site yourself.

Hope this helps, and welcome to the site.


19-02-2007 00:58:38

Awesome! Thanks for the quick response!


19-02-2007 01:01:33

I enjoy helping new people out when possible. Good for the overall karma (both mine and the site on a whole).


19-02-2007 01:28:12

Just to clarify, once you have signed up for someone else, you now have your own account as well, so don't sign up again to complete the site yourself (you can only have one account per site). Just use the account you created when you signed up for the other person.