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18-02-2007 19:20:59

If I or one of my referalls sign up for a trial offer, but after the trial period I/they are dissatisfied and decide to cancel - does that mean I won't be able to get my prize?


18-02-2007 19:22:27

no, the site credits if you try the trial, and as long as you stay a member for the time specified - for hosting is usually 1 month, all should be fine


18-02-2007 19:26:40

ok, thanx
one more question - what if you accepted and confirmed a trade but for some reason can't complete your side of the bargain, for example you can't get a green. Is there a way to cancel the trade without being penalized or something?


18-02-2007 19:27:46

yeah, either you both request deletion or both indicate trade failed.
D you should let the other user know first


18-02-2007 19:28:11

Contact the person you have the trade going with. If no greens or money have already been transfered, then you can both request the trade to be canceled.