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18-02-2007 18:45:08

ok - i'm new (obviously shock ) and have a question. say i sign up on zeropricetags for example and do an offer for someone. can i do an offer on zeropricetags for someone else or can i no longer complete offers on that site? thanks guys!


18-02-2007 18:49:07

You can only sign up under one person's reference link. Some sites allow you to change, but most do not.


18-02-2007 18:59:05

ok - just so i understand - if someone says i've got a deal for you to do on zeropricetags, i can't do that deal because i've already done one for someone else on that site - do i have that correct?


18-02-2007 18:59:57

yes, exactly


18-02-2007 19:01:22

You can do each different site once and each different offer once. Site networks like YourGiftsFree will allow you to do each different subsite once (for example, you can do Laptops.YourGiftsFree, LCDs.YourGiftsFree, and GiftCards.YourGiftsFree each once). The only site I know of that will let you change referrals is GiftMonkey.

So, no, you can not do ZeroPriceTags twice for two different people.

Hope this clears it up.


18-02-2007 19:05:36

ok - thanks. eventually, won't i run out of offers to do for people? i mean won't there come a time that i've done all the sites? i hope this doesn't sound crazy, but you never learn if you don't ask questions.


18-02-2007 19:07:00

While possible, it isn't likely to happen soon, because new offers come and go. And if it happens on a particular site, you can request that you get an extra referral rather than doing an offer.

Hope this helps.


18-02-2007 19:07:59

1) probbly yes, but that will be a long time from now
2) you can pursue the sites ureself just as the ppl that you signed up for do
3) new sites are being opened each day, just check the forum...
4) if you ever think you ran out of sites, SOME (few) sites allow you to redo-them, or allow you to get unlimited amount of refs (ordercash4free)


18-02-2007 19:16:01

ok thanks for the info. it just hurts when i see someone wanting a referral and then i check my list (very short at present) and see that i've done that site! i guess i'll just keep digging until i find a new one! thanks again.


18-02-2007 19:18:26

that's probably because most of the ppl do the same sites, the more popular can always do giftmonky for different users thou, the only site as far as i know.
and i am gonna work on some very new sites soon )