Something needs to be done ....

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18-02-2007 17:59:54

Ok, so if any mod is reading this...
I really think there should be done smting about new ppl that do not respect nor read the rules. just today, 3 ppl posted a new thread disregarding any of the red box rules...and were like why are you yelling at me? not that i was..

anyway, so ... can something be done? i mean yes, there is the closing of the topics and temp-ban and everything, but it seems that it is not very frequent that this is actually done.

also, it doesn't stop ppl from doing it... (

any ideas?


18-02-2007 18:20:44

wish they would just slow down a little. It seems that most of them just jump in and want instant money. I haven't been a member long (month and a half)...but i spent the first week just lurking around watching and reading the rules and different posts. I only did 2 trades that first week. It would especially be helpfull if the newbies would read the Trade Module Tutorial so i'm not spending all my time trying to explain to them how to do something confirm a trade! I don't mind helping, but its annoying when its basic things all the time! I'm not sure how you make them slow down and take it all in though...But i agree with you condra!


18-02-2007 18:24:04

Just report the posts and move on. All of us mods have jobs and other things going on outside FIPG, so we do what we can.


19-02-2007 06:22:13

Just hit report if you see someone doing that no need to create a topic about it lol we've notice that too you know wink


19-02-2007 08:54:57

we need jr mods ;)


20-02-2007 20:51:48

Hello Condra I think a lot of traders around here are young, don't like to R E A D. And, some are just joksters. I guess we can tolerate just so much and then we can C O M P L A I N to a moderator.
Just keep pointing the offending ppl to the rules and regs and the consequences if they continue with their bad manners toward U. It has been my experince that it's the "squeaky wheel" that gets the most attention. Just keep letting the moderator know what's goin' on. by hitting the "Report" tab. ...Diana


20-02-2007 20:53:17

yeah but then, they say do not mass report, what is that supposed to mean ?
and i am young and I do KNOW how to read lol

its still no excuse, i see 40yrs old ppl not taking the time to follow rules


21-02-2007 00:26:30

No one ever reads rules on any forums. No one searches and n00bs are always flamed. Like CG said, report them and we will try to deal as best we can...


21-02-2007 05:31:15

Can I throw in my $.02 as a newbie? I spent about 6-8 hours reading all the rule twice before my first post. And guess what! I still didn't understand half of it. This whole thing is so new to me, and the terms didn't make since.

For example, the no ref links thing. Most everbody has links to something in their signiture. I didn't know the difference. Having never completed an offer, I didn't know the difference between a ref link and any other link. So I thought that everybody was breaking the rule. I wondered why a few got beat up over it, and the rest were allowed. oops

I know, I know, ignorence of the law is no excuse! But...

So, if you are new and reading this, here is my advice. After reading everything carefully, find someone to go green for who offers to answer any questions and walk you through. After doing 2-3 offers, go back and read the rules again. They will make so much more sense then. I know, I speak from experience.

And an extra thanks to those who were patient with me while I was learning the jist of the rules!