Initiated trade w/ ppl that have not completed site

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18-02-2007 17:41:20

I initiated trades about 3 days ago with people who have not yet completed the site. How long do I have to give them. They said they would get it done immediately. I have not heard from them in about 2 days. Should I wait or can I have other people do it?


18-02-2007 17:43:23

well, if you read the says to wait 14 days without contact and only then cancel, especially if they are green

now, if you wanna give the spots to someone else, you,re doing it at your own risk if they come back within 14 days you have to pay them...


18-02-2007 17:45:07

Unless your trade specified a time limit (for example - green in 48 hours), you can not cancel without giving them 14 days with at least 2 attempts to contact (once in the first 7 and once in the second 7). Then you can notify them that you are cancelling.

That said, you are free to have others complete the site for you if you don't want to wait, but be aware that if the first people eventually complete the site and you have not followed procedure and cancelled, they can still require you to pay them (or whatever the agreement was), even if you no longer need the referral.

If speed is of the essence to your trade, be sure to spell that out very clearly in the Trade Module.



18-02-2007 17:45:51

Condra - you type faster than me!!!!! You hadn't replied yet when I started.



18-02-2007 17:49:39

thanks for the help ;)


18-02-2007 17:53:05

[quote64cf0aa7e2="laurelwm"]Condra - you type faster than me!!!!! You hadn't replied yet when I started.


always ready for a karma competition lol

i probably started typing b4 you anyway ) and you typed more, if that helps