Afraid to ask! Cannot edit,initiate or add links to trades

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18-02-2007 12:13:34

Hi,I am new here and I am afraid to ask, but this is a problem.when I requested a TR I was prompted for feedback but not allowed to give it.I cannot initiate a trade or add a link.I can however confirm,post messages to the forum and pm.I cannot enter feedback for trades and I have done them with good traders who deserve the credit. The only post I saw about that the person had been banded,I am afraid I may have done something wrong.I did make some mistakes,let me rephrase that,broke some rules,so I went back and read them again. After a little experience I understood them better.I do not want to be banned but I also cannot in good faith trade knowing the person on the other end cannot receive feedback or credit. I have several trades active right now,if I am banned please allow me to finish these and I will not do anymore.They have fulfilled their end and I would like to fulfill mine.
If I am not in trouble,(lol) disregard all that and let me know how to fix it.


18-02-2007 13:14:24

lol.... relax...your not in trouble. Are you using Internet Explorer 7? Users using IE7 have that problem (at least several i have traded with). I copied and pasted this for you...give it a try and see if it helps! King Kommerce posted this in another thread awhile ago.

I opened my Internet Options in IE7, clicked "Security" and lowered the level to the lowest (Medium).
Then I was able to edit my notes.
IMMEDIATELY afterward, I went back in and set it back to its previous level.

It evidently has something to do with scripts.Hope this solves it for you.


And this next one is so that you don't have to lower your setting every time you leave Feedback....

Again, in Internet options, while you are on the site you want to permanently allow, click on the "Trusted Sites" tab. Make sure the check box about https sites is unchecked.
Set the slider down a bit until you can edit your notes.

This way you can leave your "Internet" tab set as high as you want.

Play with it some to insure you can have high enough security and still edit your notes.


18-02-2007 18:03:35

That did it!!! I am soo excited!!!!! THANK YOU