Getting credit for trades when they quit

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18-02-2007 10:16:19

Is there any way we can get credit for old trades where the new user just quit and never came back? I have three trades that have been completed, but they won't request TR or PM me back.

The trades are with

wealthyme on 1/15/07
Katie on 1/18/07
Roger Waters on 1/19/07

They have greened for me and I have paid them. Is there any way to get credit?


18-02-2007 13:43:57

If you can offer proof that both sides did their thing, you could probably just PM a mod.


18-02-2007 14:08:22

thanks.. but I am waiting for a mod to answer because they know the answer. )


20-02-2007 12:58:10

What if I have screenshots of my account and paypal?


20-02-2007 13:44:21

I think that showing those things to a mod will get you a quicker answer than waiting for them to answer you here. I think showing not only proof of offer completion, but also payment (as it sounds like you got paid) would be enough for you to get your TR credited.

Or you can keep waiting for a mod to come to you. Your choice.


20-02-2007 13:51:04

I know.. I have but I am waiting.

[quote87e1b12854="BD2006BD"]thanks.. but I am waiting for a mod to answer because they know the answer. )[/quote87e1b12854]


20-02-2007 14:32:54

I too, have about 3 or 4 people that this happened to.


20-02-2007 17:31:02

is there a difference between 95 and 98, really?