How long do I wait?

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16-02-2007 06:37:37

I went green 3 days ago. I thought that I was supposed to get paid right away, but the lady hasn't been on the forums in several days.

In this case I really don't think that she is trying to scam me. We did have excellent communication before I went green, so I'll wait a while still. She's probably just been too busy to get on.

But, what is normal and expected in a situation like this? For future reference, at what point to you report someone who hasn't paid? What actions should you take first?

Thanks for your help!


16-02-2007 08:25:31 wait the 14 days i guess, stated in the rules, contacting the person once everoy 7 days at least.

i hope she'll get back soon )
did u announce her that u went green? did she read your email? and did u leave the paypal adress?


16-02-2007 08:35:06

I see. I thought that the 14 days was for waiting for someone to go green, not on getting paid.

Yes, I did tell her that I went green. After sending the first message, I realized that I hadn't confirmed the trade. So I did that and then sent her another message, which included my paypal address. That letter is still in my outbox, as she hasn't been on since then.


16-02-2007 08:48:24

ok well then wait till she reads it, i am sure she's just temporarily away )


16-02-2007 12:02:38

I don't know that the 14 days applies to being paid for a green you already did, although she may be busy and has a good reason for not being on for a couple of days.

Unless you specified in the trade a time-frame for payment, you'll have to give her a little while (a couple of days more??) before reporting her, but don't wait too long. If she really is gone, you will want to contact the site you did and see about removing the credit from her account.



16-02-2007 12:42:12

I am not thinking that she is trying to scam me. He occupation is, "homemaker" and I know what that is like. She also had a TR of 42 in less than two months.

I just wanted to know for future occassions if I were concerned about it.

Thankss for you help, and I'll keep waiting.