10 day trial

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14-02-2007 06:38:14

Ok, I am new at this and have just started going green a few time. Now I have a number of "10 day trials" (0r 7, or 30 or whatever). I know that need to cancel all this stuff BEFORE that time ends or I will start lossing money instead or earning. I just have a few questions about that.

If I cancel to soon, could it change my status to red? Is there a time frame that is cgenerally accepted? Or can I cancel 5 minutes later and get it over with?

Also, If I have a 7 day trial for something that I am going to receice in the mail, when does the trial start? From the time I sign up? From the time the ship out the product? From the date I receive it? Can I cancel before I receive it?

Thanks for being willing to help out a noobie!


14-02-2007 06:39:53

We do not talk about cancelling offers. Had you read the rules you would know that you are supposed to do offers you are interested in, not sign up for an offer and look for the quickest way to cancel.