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13-02-2007 18:28:04

k so a couple of questions

i want to get a prepaid mastercard card (or visa)

i have visited my bank, but the only institution that seems to offer this is inta cheques, the activation fee is 20 CAD and each recharge 2$, recharging from 20$ to 5000.

1) is this a good offer?
2) anyone knows if i can get Canadian prepaid cc s somewhere elso cheaper
3) will the cc card work on the trials and offers on the sites? i ma buying it mainly for this, as i am afraid to get too charged, as i hear more and more cases...

karma for a complete and clear answer! 8)


13-02-2007 18:44:27

Be careful to check with the issuer. Some prepaid cards have problems working online because for security purposes, the sites check billing address, and prepaid cards do not always show your home address. Check to make sure it will to avoid ending up with a card that many online sites won't take.



13-02-2007 18:47:50

and how do i check? just ask them if i'll have an adress put on? in the handout they gave me it said an adress is required

but thx, i'll ask D


16-02-2007 13:04:06

ok, re-bumping the topic because i have another question I cannot seem to find a decent prepaid card. the ONLY one i dound was at instant cheques things, 20 activation fees, 2$ each charging, and 7$ per month no.

anyone knows how i can get one that works in canada, with my canadian adress? any help would be appreciated and +Karma - ed D


16-02-2007 15:52:25

Have you tried Simon Mall?? 1-866-300-9401 is listed as the customer service number.

You might also ask YourGiftsFree where he gets his for his site.



17-02-2007 18:17:04

try I think they are also in Can.


18-02-2007 05:09:30

[quoteed4f304d61="gator1002"]try I think they are also in Can.[/quoteed4f304d61]

doesn't look like they are, only us statess options in th adress field

thanks for the info thou


18-02-2007 07:01:12

Use those.