PM and Post???

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13-02-2007 15:02:47

If I want to contact someone in the Trade Forum, am I supposed to PM them AND post? It looks like it. Why would we do both? If I have already PM'ed and completed an offer, should I go back and post?

Thanks for your help!


13-02-2007 15:07:34

You can do either or both. I reccomend just PMing because it isn't fair to bump the trader's topic again and then having other people's posts be lost quickly.


13-02-2007 15:08:16

If you've already completed the offer, there's no need to post. A PM is a quicker and surer way to let the person know you are interested in their offer, but it doesn't hurt to PM and post, because sometimes things happen and new messages get overlooked.


13-02-2007 15:13:04

What Diablo says its true. you usually post in the topic if you wanna be nice and ''bump'' that trader's topic, or if you want more info.
there are also friendly bumps. it doesn't take anything away from you and helps the other trader get his refs without transgressing the rules.

well for me it actually helps me to see when ppl contact me that they know the rules (at least know what bumping is!) and that they are serious (since they have done both, they really want to do a site)

I rarely pm someone without posting a message cause they probably need the bump and others will have bumps anyway if the offer is good

on the end, whichever works for you )