Sentbox vs. Outbox

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13-02-2007 09:25:49

The sent box in my pm's seems obvious, that my message has been sent. I tried to send an pm today and it is in my outbox. Does that mean that it is not sent, or what? Is it waiting for me to do something else to send it>

Thanks for your help.


13-02-2007 09:26:32

It means that the person you sent it to, has opened and read your message.


13-02-2007 09:30:57

Ah, makes sense!

But does that mean that the ones in my sentbox haven't been opened??

Wait, that can't be because I received a response to some of them. Now I am confused again... oops


13-02-2007 09:32:01

The ones in outbox = have NOT been opened
The ones in sentox = HAVE been opened


13-02-2007 09:32:05

the ones in your sent box ARE oppened, the ones in the outbox are not D


13-02-2007 09:36:15

Great thanks! Now I get it. Thanks for helping this noobie figure out this site.