custom order gifts?

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12-02-2007 18:49:03

what are custom order gifts? you know, they have paypal gifts, maybe an xbox 360, an ipod... and then they have the custom order gift that only needs a measly 1 referral. wuts that??


12-02-2007 18:56:23

well with custom gifts you basically can choose anything. but it is not 1 ref only, just the system shows it as 1 ref so you can refer ppl

lets say you want 200$ paypal for ure 5 refs but it isn't offered on the site. then you just custom order. you can order anything you want, as long as you tell them what it is and get the # of refs they tell you

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12-02-2007 20:08:55

thanks condra. up'd your karma wink hey up me one too if you want


12-02-2007 20:11:47

sure. tomorrow thou, i used up my krma for today D