Need help with trade module

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12-02-2007 16:56:49

I accepted a trade and the other user initiated it. I confirmed and tried to edit the info in the receiver notes/contact section in the lower half to put in my paypal address and it gives me the following error

Failed. This happens for a number of reasons. Some of the more common are
-Trade isn't confirmed
-You pressed cancel
-You attempted to edit a variable unassociated with your username.

Also I tried another web browser (Avant browser) and it goes thru fine. Figured out in IE 7 the little window thats suppose to pops up (Explorer User Prompt) does not pop up. Its like it blocks it. I tried disabling popup blocker but it still did not work. What else do I need to do.



14-02-2007 14:50:32


Check here and see if any of this helps.


15-02-2007 00:33:33

Ok I had the exact same problem.. here is how you fix it. Go to Tools in the internet explorer. Go to security. Then lower it from med-high.. or whatever it is on to the lowest possible option. Then try it again and it will work. Hope that helps!