Using iTunes M4A Format With WMP11

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12-02-2007 16:53:06

Alright so all the music I put into iTunes is AAC format. And up until recently have used iTunes as my main media player.

Well I started really liking the WMP11 interface and want to have my iTunes library in that media player.

Is there anyway that I can run get this done without having to hassle with file format changes and such? I ChaCha'd it before, and found a good program, only to have the program fail and not work. cry

Any help would be nice, thanks. (a billions things swim in this thing I call a brain, so I can't concentrate to well. P )


12-02-2007 16:58:44

I don't know if this works, but I found this


Hopefully this is something like you are looking for.


12-02-2007 17:25:16

T-T-T-Tech Yourself P


12-02-2007 17:26:11

[quote76237bebb5="TFOAF"]T-T-T-Tech Yourself P[/quote76237bebb5]

I suppose that is also a place you should check...


14-02-2007 17:50:49

I guess it's not working on WMP11 right now, Karma bro. Thanks. )


14-02-2007 17:55:26

Always try to help.