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12-02-2007 12:24:58

I am trying to get credit for an offer I completed and the support person's email said that I need to include the confirmation email that was sent to me after I completed the offer including full headers...what the heck does that mean and how do I do it? Any of you smart computer people, please help.
Thank you!


12-02-2007 12:26:50

I guess reading is not in your blood

How Do I Find my FULL Headers in my confirmation emails?

No one will have a flawless offer crediting record, so I feel it is warranted to supply everyone with the information on HOW TO get the full confirmation emails with headers which are required to apply for "Manual Credit" on any/all freebie sites when problems occur.

Many people don't realize they are not seeing full headers when they are looking at an email. The basic header information with date, subject, to, from, is not the full header.

Use the Information Provided HERE to view the FULL HEADERS

After your headers are viewable, copy and paste them, and paste that in your manual credit ticket you are creating on the freebie site.

Most sites have a specific manual credit ticket system, for these purposes.

TIP You MUST get the full headers, then combine the Headers collected, with the original email "body" to have a Manual Credit Sufficient email.

For offers that require more than signing up, proof of "meeting the requirements" is usually needed (like winning and paying for an auction on Bidz.com)

Taken from Shaggz guide to manual credit right about your post.


12-02-2007 12:27:21

Oh, I can help you with that. In your email most of the stuff is hidden. You need to get all the hedders for the email to get the credit.

for example you may have sent something like this

Date Friday, February 2 2007 0136 pm
From email==blockbusteronline@blockbuster.comblockbusteronline@blockbuster.com=blockbusteronline@blockbuster.comblockbusteronline@blockbuster.com/email <blockbusteronline>

To "sjsienki@ptd.net" <sjsienki>
Reply-To "blockbusteronline@blockbuster.com" <blockbusteronline>
Subject Blockbuster Online Rental Confirmation
Full Headers Display Headers
Attachment Part 1.1 noname (TEXT/HTML quoted-printable 11376 bytes) View

Then included the rest of the email.

You need to "Display Headers." So on my email all i do is click that button and I'll get something more like this

Return-Path <blockbusteronline>
Delivered-To email==sjsienki@ptd.netsjsienki@ptd.net=sjsienki@ptd.netsjsienki@ptd.net/email
Received (qmail 9114 invoked from network); 2 Feb 2007 183653 -0000
Received from smtp48.mailnet.ptd.net ([])
(envelope-sender <>)
by mailf.ptd.net (qmail-ldap-1.03) with QMQP
for <>; 2 Feb 2007 183653 -0000
Delivered-To CLUSTERHOST smtp48.mailnet.ptd.net email==sjsienki@ptd.netsjsienki@ptd.net=sjsienki@ptd.netsjsienki@ptd.net/email
Received (qmail 24882 invoked by uid 50005); 2 Feb 2007 183652 -0000
Received from by smtp48.mailnet.ptd.net (envelope-from <blockbusteronline>, uid 50002) with qmail-scanner-2.01
(clamdscan 0.88.6/2500. spamassassin 3.1.1.
Processed in 1.606508 secs); 02 Feb 2007 183652 -0000
X-Spam-Status No, score=0.7 required=5.0
Received from unknown (HELO smtp2.online.blockbuster.com) ([])
(envelope-sender <blockbusteronline>)
by smtp48.mailnet.ptd.net (qmail-ldap-1.03) with SMTP
for <sjsienki>; 2 Feb 2007 183650 -0000
Received from nbaxa030 (bbusap005 []) by smtp2.online.blockbuster.com (AIX5.2/8.11.6p2/8.11.0) with ESMTP id l12IanH2617540 for <sjsienki>; Fri, 2 Feb 2007 183649 GMT
Date Fri, 2 Feb 2007 183649 GMT
Message-ID <1230714160>
From email==blockbusteronline@blockbuster.comblockbusteronline@blockbuster.com=blockbusteronline@blockbuster.comblockbusteronline@blockbuster.com/email
To email==sjsienki@ptd.netsjsienki@ptd.net=sjsienki@ptd.netsjsienki@ptd.net/email
Subject Blockbuster Online Rental Confirmation
Mime-Version 1.0
Content-Type multipart/related;
Full Headers Hide Headers
Attachment Part 1.1 noname (TEXT/HTML quoted-printable 11376 bytes) View

Plus the actual message.

How was that?