Proxying and IP problems for site sign up

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12-02-2007 11:52:35

I've been signing up for sites for people and haven't had any problems. But now that I'm paying people to sign up for my site, I don't want to be placed on hold as you see many people on here doing.

I know on of the biggest ones is not to use AOL from reading other threads, but are there any others? I have and stick with that, but I'm thinking of switching to Verizon Broadband on my laptop (i'm stuck with dial up at home, yuck).

Is there a way or site that tells you when you log on? I know when I've signed up for referrals, it'll say you signed up on IP blah blah blah and haven't seen a proxy, but I didn't know if it would.

I'm getting ready to complete my first few sites and this is where people find out, when they start verifying everything. Would be easier to raise a flag when you sign up....

Any help or input would be appreaciated.


12-02-2007 16:30:44

I have Verizon DSL and use Internet Explorer for all of this, and have not had any problems. Don't know if DSL and Broadband work the same or not..............



12-02-2007 19:04:34

I've read about a few problems with so switching might not be a bad idea. If I understand your questions correctly, you are trying to find out how to find your IP address??? I just had to do this today as my bank acct was charged $160 for no apparent reason because I have NEVER used that acct online, but it had an IP address....which just so happened to be mine....another fight and another thread....but to answer your question, I did a google search for "what is my IP address" and it gave several sites that will tell you what your IP address is = ). Hope that helps.


12-02-2007 19:18:38

The only specific problems I've heard of with SBC is that their IP ranges end up on a lot of proxy blacklists for some reason. Not sure why SBC accounts were so popular with proxies. I've been discouraging use of these static blacklists for awhile now, because most of the proxies were using dynamic IP's and/or have dropped off the net, meaning legit customers now have those IP's and will occasionally get DQ'd for being "a proxy."