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David Beroff

12-02-2007 00:54:45

I'm starting to buy greens, so I send people to a given freebie site, but something just struck me Do these sites limit people to a single gift or payment?

Let's say that a site requires ten referrals to get a $400 payment. If I manage to get an eleventh, could I simply go through the whole process again and get referrals #11 through #20?

Sorry if this is in a FAQ or something; I couldn't find it.

Thanks for your help!


12-02-2007 01:04:15

From what I know, I don't think the referrals after the offer completion count. For example, I understand that for TRAINN sites you can get the item once through referrals, but only once, although you can switch to points after that and do it again. Or so I understand.

So I don't think getting more than the necessary referrals will be of any help. I'd say check with the help file per site/network, or email the customer service of the site. Pretty sure you can only do a gift through referrals once per site, however, with few exceptions.


12-02-2007 06:56:59

To the best of my knowledge, the only site that will allow you to cash out (get a gift) more than once is OrderCash4Free, which allows you to cash out over and over again. (PM me if you want to sign up). I think I remember seeing one other that lets you get multiple gifts, but I can't remember which one......... Anyone else know????


sandra habina

09-04-2007 03:12:24

Hotgifts4you allows you to cash out more than once. And Officially4free was mentioned in an earlier post.


09-04-2007 06:53:12

Also customorderthis. lets you carry over unused referales and redo the site


09-04-2007 07:14:17

ordergiftsfree is great, so is cash.whypayitsfree, which works like ordercash D

and others, you just need to ask!