? on greens/approval from site

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11-02-2007 16:33:08

Hi everyone,

I have a question. I've submitted my offer and referrals for a couple completed sites.

For you more experienced traders out there..... how often do they not go through or get denied? I know that's is a pretty basic question and there are a lot of "well, it depends" answers. Any estimated % on your experiences....?

The reason I ask is I have paid a few that went green right away rather than approval. Obviously, I hoping not to get burned! Any insight would be greatly appreciatied...... thanks!


11-02-2007 19:08:56

For me, anyway, "instant" offers almost always go through (within an hour or so, anyway), other offers usually go though (unless there are problems during sign up), and I've only had to submit for manual request 5 or 6 times in 30-40 sites w/ multiple offers on most sites. Don't know if this percentage holds for everyone or not.

But once they are green, they will rarely not stay green (unless they are revoked for fraud).