EBay Auction offers

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V-Bux Dave

10-02-2007 07:56:36

There are a whole lot of offers out there offering to teach you how to work from home and get rich selling on ebay (tongue planted firmly in cheek). They have a whole lot of different names, but, when you go to their sites, an awful lot of them look the same. Is it safe to assume that different offer names are, in fact, different offers (especially if they are offered on the same freebie site), or might some of these be the same offer under different names? I dont want to inadvertently do the same offer twice.


10-02-2007 07:59:20

well sometimes they are a bit different like i orderred an online kit and a physical one so those are different. for the rest, they seem pretty much the same to me...
still havent got my kit now


10-02-2007 09:42:58

Don't know for sure - I've done a couple. One is by BidFuel.com and is different from most of the others. But you're right, most of them seem very similar. Same with "check your credit report" offers and the various grant tutor offers. So, who knows for sure?????