Trades not confirmed:

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09-02-2007 18:07:55

ok so i log in to check my trades. all curent ones and visible ones are confirmed by both users, but it says 3 unconfirmed trades

so is this just a temporary error?


09-02-2007 18:21:55

That means that the person on the other side of the trade did not click "Confirm". I wouldn't complete the trade until it is confirmed.


09-02-2007 18:24:42

well to me it shows they did clickon it and that it is confirmed on both sides


10-02-2007 13:12:47

Did you check your hidden trades?? Maybe it's there. Depending on how many active trades you have, maybe you just skimmed past it (I know I have done that several times). If not any of these, you may have to PM a mod about it.