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08-02-2007 17:04:58

Quick question for fellow FiPGers with a personal paypal account
Does your receive limit change when you receive a payout?

I've received payments from both YGF and Trainn a few times during the past couple months, but my receive limit has never changed from the $500 (resets on the 10th of each month). My credit/debit acceptance limit does change when receiving those types though.

Are the payment types used by freebie sites except from the limits, or am I special?


08-02-2007 17:46:28

you're definitely special P

actually, it depends how they send it - if they send it as a service and not as an ebay trade then it doesn't go down

well i guess its good news, right? D


08-02-2007 18:08:06

My mother always said I was special )

I have received payment for eBay before, but I never paid attention to the limits at the time, but I always figured it was any type of receive, not just eBay payments... I definitely figured a credit card payment as YGF does would take it down.
That is good to hear though. Means I can finish up all my Trainn sites since they pay with paypal funds or eCheque (no fees) without having to upgrade (or open a 2nd [premier] account).

Do you know if I lidoli cross the $500 limit, is upgrading enough to release the funds, or do I need to contact CS and plead my case/sell my firstborn?

liedit After digging through their help I found this
[quote721a80e45f="PayPal"]You also cannot receive more than $500.00 USD worth of payments per month for [b721a80e45f]Goods and eBay Items[/b721a80e45f] payment types.[/quote721a80e45f]Does anyone know what kind of service trainn pays as (I can't tell from what I received)


08-02-2007 18:48:57

well if your limits havent changed before, i guess its smting like service or such

yeah i was happy to find that out too

can i have krma? pretty please?



08-02-2007 19:26:58

can i have krma? pretty please?

Well, you did say please )