Acct on hold-why?? and problem with a trade.....

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05-02-2007 16:06:03

I did a trade with someone yesterday and she paid me. Today I got PM from her saying that my account was on hold because I signed up under proxy or on proxy...what does that mean and what can I do to make it right? Secondly, she said that the green that she paid me for is worthless, but I have email confirmations for both of the offers I completed. Doesn't that mean that they're not worthless? How do I fix this mess?
Please Help! Thank you!
Kristen ?

unknown uchiha

05-02-2007 16:38:26


You signed up on a freebie site using a proxy and therefore you were placed on hold. Your green is now worthless because the site's publishers may have revoked the payment to them for your signup. Therefore, what I suggest is that you contact the site owner/open a support ticket to resolve this issue. If you do not go off hold, your green IS WORTHLESS and you have to pay the user back.


05-02-2007 17:44:25

Sometimes you may be behind a proxy and not even know it...usually signing up with AOL or sometimes Earthlink can cause a problem. Whats your ISP?