Shipping soon? How soon is that?

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05-02-2007 15:21:20

On Feb 2, I was approved and the status changed to shipping soon. When can I expect my payment ? I thought it might have come today, but it hasn't =/


05-02-2007 15:40:35

It depends on what site. Different sites has different payout schedules.


05-02-2007 16:04:41

Sounds like a trainn site. If you are just taking paypal it seems like they pay on either monday or tuesday nights, and friday or saturday nights (2 times a week).

If you're not talking about trainn, then I'm full of crap, and you may disregard my post.


07-02-2007 23:58:32

No it was Free4Me, but I did receive my payment Monday night =D