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05-02-2007 11:48:10

Not exactly sure if anyone is going to understand my problem, but it is worth a shot.
I am a newbie. I have done only 3 trades so far. Well I think I might have messed them up big time. This is not a hard thing to do....fill out a offer for someone to get credit on. Okay fine....did that. Till my credit card co. shut my card off due to lil transactions. So thinking my card is stolen they shut it off. Got that problem fixed. So then I see an extra transaction on my card. So I call up the number and cancel that one....come to find it canceled all of them. So now I am worried that I have done something to no longer of gone green. I don't know exactly what happened, all I know is it says they all have been canceled...I am not trying to mess this up, but it seems to be going that way. I guess if worse comes to worse I just quit doing this....after this is resolved of course. Any suggestions?
Not to mention that 2dollardeal site....um yeah they still haven't gotten me credit for offers I have already done. Yeah I know they don't credit right away, but I wish they did so I can just get this all done and over with.
So does anyone know what I should do and or suggestions? Has this happened to anyone else?
I just don't understand filling out offers for something you don't even want...okay there are a few you can keep and or want. But how do I know I am not about to mess someone up by getting rid of the ones I don't want? How do I know I will be in the clear if I do get rid of them...after waiting a good amount of time? I just want to be done....I have kept good records and been organized through all of this, but seriously people. Please pm me with any advice...Thank you in advance. And for those of u that I filled out an offer for and it ended up being canceled.... I AM SOOO SORRY! PM me and we will fix it. Appologies x's 10000000000


05-02-2007 12:28:27

I would try notifying the site owner to see if there is anything you can do. Trying calling the credit card company back and make sure you tell them you wanted only that one charge canceled.


05-02-2007 19:57:09

I didn't call the credit card co. because it was only a $1. I called the phone number next to the transaction on my credit card acct. Not knowing I had other trans. that were linked to that phone number...it canceled all of them. Pretty much the few offers I did were all linked together...I didn't know this cause they all said they were diff. untill I notice later they all have the same phone number. Not sure if this would be considered breaking a rule or not. But if that is the case then they should be putting it in writing on the offer. Cause there was NOTHING. I ALWAYS read fine print and there was nothing saying they were affiliated with each other in any way. It was almost odd looking. But the odd thing is...if I filled out offers that were affiliated with each other and I shouldn't have then why did they credit....I wouldn't think it would if I already did it. It was more like I already filled out something similar to it but it wasn't the same...that is why they had the same phn. number. And when you call you can't even talk to a real person....everything is automated these days. ! But for the 3 trade I did...still hasn't credited. And it says I canceled it....which I didn't. So I don't know what happened. I just got to the point to where I am done. It is to easy to mess up being a newbie. I could have faith and all and press on but I don't want to mess anyone else up. So I am just going to figure this out and go from there. Not sure what I am going to do. ?