what if i order twice from a website by mistake?

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04-02-2007 22:39:48

by mistake i ordered twice from a website. i knew the rules but accidentally i made 2 offers from a website( few days after each other)?

what can i do ?

is there any forgiveness??


10-02-2007 15:56:35

Depends on the website. I have accidentally tried to sign up for offers I have done before, and usually just get a error message the second time, but the first should count. But some websites are fanatics about it.

I now keep better records of what offers I've done, and that usually works. (Hindsight is 20/20).

Check to see if you still have credit for the first time. You definately won't get credit for the second time.........



10-02-2007 17:30:31

Yeah usually the site won't let you do it. It might say something like "It appears you have already completed this offer." If it didn't you might lose credit for the second one, but you might lose credit for both. I know that sucks but it has happend to me before.


10-02-2007 22:41:16

I just realized I ordered the same offer from 2 different sites. I've been keeping track of the offers I've done, but one fell through the cracks obviously. I have received credit for the offers...... what is going to happen?


10-02-2007 23:34:28

It all depends on the network that the site belongs to. I've read about some locking your accounts with them, because completing the same offer twice is fraud ... but maybe some sites have forgiveness? I'm not sure I've heard of any though.


10-02-2007 23:40:32

Hopefully they'll let you fix it, i doubt it since a few are really strick about this