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04-02-2007 11:44:01

Well, today I decided to try out prize book, so I went ahead, and clicked to start the Blockbuster offer. So, I was filling out all the info, and when I was done, I clicked "I authorize", but I got an error, stating Credit Card was Declined (2618). And naturally, I have no idea what a 2618 is.


04-02-2007 11:49:31

Are you using a pre-paid credit card?


04-02-2007 11:54:27

[quoteaba7bd0117="johnjimjones"]Are you using a pre-paid credit card?[/quoteaba7bd0117]Yes, I am.


04-02-2007 12:53:34

[quotec0d04c6420="ChuckDHead"][quotec0d04c6420="johnjimjones"]Are you using a pre-paid credit card?[/quotec0d04c6420]Yes, I am.[/quotec0d04c6420]

That could potentially be why it's declining it. Sites have found that more fraud occurs when pre-paid credit cards are used so they may be phasing them out of their method of payment.


04-02-2007 16:34:39

I agree. I have heard from several places that they don't take pre-paid cards because the billing address doesn't match up to your address (since it's not a real credit card). I have found that my PayPal debit card works, since it is registered using the same address I live at. Hope this helps some.