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02-02-2007 12:05:14

Hey all,

I want to make sure I understand this whole "can't do a site/offer more than once" thing.

My goal right now is only to do refs for other people. I'm not yet interested in doing offers for myself and buying refs for the rest of the deal.

As I understand it, when I'm doing a ref, I can go to a site - say Free5004me - and browse their list of 30 different offers.

(here's the part I want to clarify)

To avoid fraud, I can only do and offer (advertiser's site) once. However, I can still return to Free5004me 29 more times to do the remaining 29 other offers. Correct?

So when I'm told I can only do a site once, they're talking about the Advertiser's site and not the host's site. Correct?

If this is the way it works, then that means that if I go to a different "host" site - for example FreePSP4me (with 45 different offers) - and in their offers list I see the same offer I did while at Free5004me, that offer is now off limits. But the other 44 offers are ok.

Are the last 3 statements correct? Please correct me if I'm wrong.




02-02-2007 12:12:07

If you signed up at 500Free4Me and did an offer. You CAN NOT sign up for that site again and you CAN NOT do that offer again. You CAN do anyother Free4Me site, as long as it is NOT 500Free4Me.

You can not do an offer twice on any site.


02-02-2007 19:50:53

Thanks for the reply. It sounds like I am mistaken and stand corrected. But to be honest, the whole thing doesn't make sense. I just did an offer hosted by The offer was for some real estate searchable database thingy. As I understand it, this real estate company is paying the folks at Free5004me to do their marketing. They get paid by the real estate company when people sign up through the Free5004me website, right? So why would they want to limit the number of offers I could do to just 1? They could make a lot more money off of me by allowing me to visit the other 30+ offers on the page. I'd think the Free4me people would encourage me to do as many offers through them as possible.

Now I fully understand why it's fraud to accept an advertiser's offer multiple times. They have something to loose from me signing up and then canceling all the time. But the Free4me folks don't have anything to loose. I guess I just don't understand the logic.


03-02-2007 08:22:07

here is what it boils down to. ignore any exceptions
1 you can only have ONE account for each site.
2 you can have more than one account per NETWORK, but rule one applies
3. u can only do a single offer once in your life (ignore exceptions)

an example is as follows.
I sign up for I do the mastercard diamond preferred offer. I get credit and go green.
I CANNOT ever do mastercard diamond preferred again
I CANNOT ever sign up again at
I CAN sign up for and do an offer besides mastercard diamond preferred, say
Theoretically you can do more than one offer under that same account for psps.freepay but it will get you nothing extra. It will get them money b/c for each of those other offers you are a unique lead.
Signing up and doing offers under one account is different from having several accounts on that same site. if you have several accounts on one site, like psps.freepay then you can endlessly have accounts, possibly refer yourself, and get mucho gifts.
make sense?